Tuesday, June 3, 2008


This is Ashley and his girlfriend and their first baby Kazuya. It is a Palau tradition that for the first born baby of the couple there is a special ceremony and celabration with friends and family.

So last saturday (05/31/08) at Ngerchelong is where it happened.

Kazuya is a baby boy and was born on 3/31/08 and Ashley the father is also 3/31 birthday. Very nice!!

If you are wondering why the baby's name is japanese, well Ashley's grandfather has a japanese friend named Toshimitsu and he has a grandson named Kazuya and he's birthday is also 3/31. So Toshimitsu asked Ashley that if the baby was a boy and is born on 3/31 please give the name Kazuya.

Ashley is my cousin and very good friend and that is why I went to this event to celebrate with him and many other family and friends.

This is usually just a 1 day event so it starts from about 1200pm to 600pm? There is also many food and drinks for everone that comes and music so we can all dance and enjoy.

It is also a 1 time event because it is only for the 1st born child and so for the next time if Ashley plan to have another baby it will only be just a regular party with family and friends.

The name of this event is called "ngasech".

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Anonymous said...

I like what you did with this.and next time you come to japan call me!!
P.S. Congradz on your baby Ash!!